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It is the year 2040. In a last bid to claim market monopoly, a rogue ketchup company detonates every sauce factory in the world, accidentally destroying iself in the process. In the months that pass, society collapses as the desperate population attempt to salvage the remaining sauce for themselves...

In Ketchup Quest, you hold your last stand against hordes of tomato-hungry enemies, collecting their saucy scraps as they fall. But beware, as your stockpile grows, so does your notoriety.


  • Endless arcade sauce-em-up gameplay
  • A roster of playable characters, each with their own advantages and disadvantages
  • Multiple extra-hard bosses, such as PIG SHACK and DONALD McRONALD
  • An in-game shop
  • Completely fair and worthful Loot Boxes
  • 2 whole platforms to walk on!


Player 1: W/A/S/D for movement, Right Shift for attack. (You can also use LMB if single player)

Player 2: Up/Down/Left/Right for movement, Left Shift for attack.


Ketchup Quest 1-0-2 WIN 16 MB
Snowball Quest 1-0-0 WIN 19 MB

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